This interior was designed for a house in the middle of mountains for those, who would like to take a break from big cities lifestyle. Minimalistic design allows you better feel yourself and stay connected with nature. It is the place where you can embrace a slower paced life.

The main goal was to create a modest and minimalistic design, that won’t argue with the owner’s personality.
This space can be your source of inspiration, where you can slow time, focus on your thoughts, dedicate time to your hobbies and enjoy cozy winter evenings.

As the house is surrounded by nature, mainly natural materials were used accordingly such as wood, stone, marble, and brass.
In this place, you will not find a TV or other sorts of gadgets, but you can read a book, play piano, look at the fireplace and enjoy the view of the mountains.

The response to this project definitely exceeded all my expectations. Don’t be afraid to express your ideas and don’t let the fear of its implementation to become an obstacle. I believe its good way to bring a new experience to the industry.

  • Interior Designer: Viktoriya Kernytska
  • 3D Rendering: Viktoriya Kernytska

Posted by Viktoriya Kernytska

The architecture was always breathtaking for me. I had to be brave to quit the previous profession and involve myself in architectural visualization and interior design. But it was definitely worth it, I love everything that I do.

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