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Showroom Daltile

When designing an exhibition hall, the needs of two worlds that will be in constant coexistence in the same space have to be considered; formed by those who are going to operate it and those who are going to visit...

/ November 1, 2022

Departamento OZ

To fully exploit the spaces and to shape their residence in Mexico City were the requests shared by the client for the development of this renovation project executed in record time, only three months were necessary to carry out all...

/ August 10, 2022

Departamento DR

This renovation project was done in a 300 sq m apartment located in an 80´s building in Mexico City. Its privileged location in front of the first section of Chapultepec Park directed to conduct all the modifications towards the maximum...

/ August 10, 2022

Departamento R&J

Functionality and wellbeing are the adjectives that describe the design for Departamento R&J done by López Duplan Arquitectos. The project emanated from a circular floorplan of approximately 700 sq. m in which the spaces were distributed using the elevators module...

/ August 10, 2022

Casa Ventanas SMA

Located in one of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico most exclusive gated communities this residence follows all the guidelines established by the developer using the regional materials and colors, however the project´s treatment marks a clear distinction waiving to...

/ August 10, 2022

Hotel Quinto Elemento

In ancient times, western culture related the elements of nature with the different manifestations of Matter, the eastern ones with the different types of energy in a state of constant interaction; for this hotel —designed by the Love Hotels concept—...

/ August 3, 2022

King George Centro de Idiomas

King George is a dynamic language center from Canada with 5 branches in Mexico, four of them in the state of Veracruz and one more in Hidalgo. With more than 5,700 graduates based on an offer integrated by seven different...

/ July 27, 2022

Neo Classic Apartment in Smouha, Alexandria

Neoclassical Design is simple and symmetrical. It features an exposed wood that outlines the shape of the piece. As for fabrics, neoclassical furniture emphasizes quality and luxury without being grandiose. Functionality and moderation of minimalism, elegance and precise proportions of...

/ July 13, 2022


The villa with Indochinese identity is always reminiscent of the delicate beauty of the old architecture, elegant colors and luxurious wood materials. Distilling the most quintessence of culture in combination with the light creeping through the doorways brings life to...

/ May 18, 2022

Cueva en Suburbio Santiago

This project, one of the most peculiar we have done, presented difficulties that we had never faced. It consists of developing two areas, interconnected, but radically different. The first, the interior of a cave in a mountain located in the...

/ November 18, 2021


Fitspin is a project with innovation in its proposal and generated a stimulating and original environment. Project design: DIN interiorismo – Interior Designer Arq. Aurelio Vazquez Location: Lomas del Chamizal, Ciudad de México, CDMX. Year: 2016 Status: Built Building: 258...

/ November 18, 2021


Interior design has been absent from funeral parlors in Mexico for a very long time and fortunately, being this space a vital element for people, there have been some important changes in the standards dictated for this kind of projects.

/ November 18, 2021