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Neo Classic Apartment in Smouha, Alexandria

Neoclassical Design is simple and symmetrical. It features an exposed wood that outlines the shape of the piece. As for fabrics, neoclassical furniture emphasizes quality and luxury without being grandiose. Functionality and moderation of minimalism, elegance and precise proportions of...

/ July 13, 2022

Saudi Health Council’s Command Center

Simulation Redistribution of Command Control Office at Council’s Building. clarify the shape of the office after the changes with a commitment to the vacuum, cost savings and limited change,and make the void suitable for the nature of the work. Based...

/ May 6, 2022

Tenderness House

Modern home is first and foremost comfort, simplicity, coziness and energy efficient systems. This is an energy efficient house with alternative heating, quality ventilation system, spacious terrace and great views of the forest. In this project, there is more to...

/ April 19, 2022

House in the Forest

‘’A house in the forest’’ read the subject of the email. It was an invitation to design a house in a beautiful valley deep in a small town in Spain. The premise? A vast forest that dances with the wind,...

/ October 12, 2021

Simple Modern Living

Interior design for family living hall with open kitchen using the concept of the being relaxed with the simplicity and open areas and feeling the nature with sun light. using the light and natural colors including white and light blue,...

/ October 7, 2021

Master Bedroom

This design was created to reinvigorate the Bedroom in KSA, thus many features of this room are available for designers to work with. perfectly reflecting its owners. the project about the combination of wood strips with gray color and modern...

/ July 12, 2021

Bathroom Design

Bathroom for a family apartment in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Where warm and cold colors were used, wood materials and stainless steel accessories providing a neat and tidy feeling. Carrying out this project was a challenge for us, since the space...

/ June 18, 2020

Kitchen Design

Contemporary kitchen Design. Including an Island in the middle to feel free while cooking. Also, has window seat to feel convenient and relaxed. It’s color palette and the mix between the wood and the blue color can change your mood...

/ June 1, 2020

Cornerstone Project

Dreaming of a warm and indeed comfortable space transports me to a Scandinavian style. Cornerstone apartment has a color palette that is mostly subdued and strong in detail. They give pleasure to those who see. I invite you to see...

/ April 27, 2020


Design of the showroom is based on a hinged construction, which is created in the manner of a cut of clothes and corresponding to the stylistic trends of the brand. Suspended ceiling smoothly flows onto the wall and fitting room,...

/ December 22, 2019

POÇAS Vinhos – Visitor Center II

This was a Project of a recovery and expansion for the Visitor Center, Wine Cellars, Shop and Tasting Room for Somelliers. A multipurpose space in a building with more than 800,00m2, and over 100 years of existence. For a company...

/ December 14, 2019

House Jupiter + Loft

A residence for a family composed by two women and a baby, one of the couple need’s was to have good mobility and possibilities of changes , so I designed very opened ambiences to allow different configurations over the years.

/ December 13, 2019