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Cueva en Suburbio Santiago

This project, one of the most peculiar we have done, presented difficulties that we had never faced. It consists of developing two areas, interconnected, but radically different. The first, the interior of a cave in a mountain located in the...

/ November 18, 2021


Fitspin is a project with innovation in its proposal and generated a stimulating and original environment. Project design: DIN interiorismo – Interior Designer Arq. Aurelio Vazquez Location: Lomas del Chamizal, Ciudad de México, CDMX. Year: 2016 Status: Built Building: 258...

/ November 18, 2021


Interior design has been absent from funeral parlors in Mexico for a very long time and fortunately, being this space a vital element for people, there have been some important changes in the standards dictated for this kind of projects.

/ November 18, 2021

Sala de amigos Museo Franz Mayer

The friends’ room is the space where Museo Franz Mayer´s trust holds their meetings. The direction and trust members requested a project to renew the space, improving its lighting, furniture and fixtures conditions, in order to have efficient and comfortable...

/ November 18, 2021


DIN interiorismo´s submission for this office project focused on a design with the adequate range of movement and private spaces at the same time. The challenge to address was developing a dynamic area that allowed the users to work with...

/ November 18, 2021

Ambient dwellings – Extending the home of dreams

Red Apple has constantly pursued excellence in panel furniture. The Premium Pavilion features in sophisticated custom furniture and the core value of the brand. Extending from the form of the “house,” the exhibit interior planning also stems from the vision...

/ November 11, 2021

Room proposal

The project it´s for a teenager who has been looking for the ideal bedroom. I made these proposal which includes natural ilumitation so he can interact with the exterior, the furniture it´s relaxed and with basic forms. Hope you like...

/ July 8, 2021


Yellow, Blue, and Grey. Yellow, blue, and grey is a popular color scheme throughout many decorating styles, when you want to give your haven an elegant country style. Yellow adds cheerful warmth to the space, while blue is soothing and...

/ June 3, 2021


This apartment design is an example of living in an open, creative space. The program in this area is simple: corridor/living room/two bedrooms/bathroom/kitchen/balcony. The interaction between this spaces is well designed and connected. The materiality of the forms was precisely...

/ January 29, 2021


In Ancient Greek Kairos means the opportune moment. No matter the time of day you stay, whether it’s on a sunny morning or you take lunch in the cool shade, or maybe a dinner party with guests, each of these...

/ January 5, 2021

NEO Classic Recption

My Design mixed between classic and modern. Classical neo décor relies on classic Greek and Roman art and architecture by displaying columns, reliefs, gold, classic engravings, and luxurious furnishings. It also gives a lot of comfortable feeling through light paints...

/ June 3, 2020

POÇAS Vinhos – Visitor Center II

This was a Project of a recovery and expansion for the Visitor Center, Wine Cellars, Shop and Tasting Room for Somelliers. A multipurpose space in a building with more than 800,00m2, and over 100 years of existence. For a company...

/ December 14, 2019