Category: Leisure/Tourism

Dot Hotel Brand Identity

Visual and creative narrative to ‘dot’, the new chicand&basic hotel in the heart of Madrid. A place where culture,hospitality and immersive installations meet. We focused on translating the brand strategy into a bold and iconic visual identity with the aim...

/ May 19, 2022

Hotel La Venta

One of the most important abilities of interior design is to create a new image for the spaces taking advantage of what you already have injecting an updated productive atmosphere to prolong wedge life. Hotel La Venta needed to leave...

/ November 18, 2021

Hotel Hollywood

The main purpose of the project developed DIN interioriorismo´s design team for the Hollywood Hotel was to carry out a total reconditioning of the building in order to remove the trace of its 25 years of operation and present it...

/ November 18, 2021

Hotel iPico

The design concept and name of this Love Hotel, done by DIN interiorismo´s team, derives from its location in Texcoco municipality and the famous international horse fair that is celebrated here since 1978. The name iPico plays with the word...

/ November 18, 2021

Hotel Hots

This space stands out in the urban landscape as a clear reference, an alternate route offering the guest a contemporary profile in accommodation services. The entry is through a primary way and immediately followed by a vivid and sensorial space.

/ November 18, 2021


This project is inspired by the cultural and colors of India, which are like a huge variety, diversity was selected according to the needs of spaces. Symbolic elements in each of the rooms with a palette in orange, red, pink...

/ November 18, 2021

Hotel Centra2

One of the challenges you most enjoy DIN interior is to give a new image to a hotel, especially when it involves a comprehensive change, which begins and ends in the name of a new concept. This hotel had Pugibet...

/ November 18, 2021

Hotel MX Roma

As you stand in front of the multicolored reception booth, you realize you are on the edge of entering into a dreamlike mist. A burst of color coming out to the sidewalk in contrast to the daily gray that is...

/ November 18, 2021

Brazilian Psychoanalysis Office

Project for a psychoanalysis practice, located in Pinhais – Parana, Brazil. Designed for a young psychotherapist looking to create a new and comfortable space. Colors were chosen that complement each other naturally, and that created a space with classic appeal,...

/ July 17, 2020

Nevería Roxy Santa Fe

For this branch of Nevería Roxy, located in western Mexico City, everything that was proven successfully for the historical center branch, was used in order to maintain the spirit of the original ice cream parlors with a contemporary ambiance. Again,...

/ April 2, 2020

Hotel Bonn

DIN interiorismo design team loves challenges and Bonn Hotel gave two very attractive ones for these interior design professionals. The first one was the design project for renovating the 25 years of intensive use building, and the second one was...

/ March 5, 2020

Hotel TEN

A new image and character were the reasons that set up the remodeling project for this hotel. Taking advantage of its location, DIN interiorismo´s team —directed by interior designer Aurelio Vázquez— found in the contraction of the word Tenayuca the...

/ March 5, 2020