This modern townhouse is designed for a family of three that moved from New York City in search of a larger home. Their apartment in NYC, although a great location, was rather dim. They want their new home to be light and airy with lots open space. We kept the furniture to a minimum, and took advantage of the abundant natural light. We showcased the client’s existing art collection as well as incorporated large, new works that really shined in the open space. While under construction, we also changed some awkward areas in the floor plan to make the traffic flow smoother.

Our objective is to assist our client in furnishing a much larger home since they are moving from a 1000 sq. ft. apartment to a 4,000 sq. ft. town home. We also assisted our clients in choosing finishes and materials as the new home is new construction.

We want the style to be modern and minimum, incorporating some of their existing furniture which became our inspiration and style guide. We also want the color scheme and fabrics patterns, including window treatments, to be serene, calm, and soothing

Our clients are very pleased with the custom features, such as a dual view fireplace and custom screen divider, that are unique to their home. Our biggest challenge was to complete a very large amount of work in a very short window of time so planning the execution was the key. We had many coordination meetings with contractors so everyone is on board with their respective installation schedule.

  • Interior Designer: Mimi Fong
  • Interior Designer: Juliette Woods
  • Photographer: Nathaniel Cooper

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Interior Designer

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  1. Beautiful designs. The furniture selection is great as well


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