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Barrio ‧ Arquitectura ‧ Ciudad BAC is an architecture and design studio that integrates various creative disciplines to generate projects that affect the different contexts of the city from its three scales: Barrio The Barrio is one of the scales that best allows us to understand the territory: its dynamics, its uses and its forms; In the study we are interested in conducting research and projects for the common good; that participated in citizen participation, to create networks that contribute to reinventing our cities from the local. Arquitectura Our work is characterized by retaking iconic elements of architecture, reinterpreting to offer a new value and meaning. Architecture allows us to create spaces that respond to aesthetic and comfort criteria for the human being's habitat, in our projects we always consider the immediate context and the user to develop integral proposals with a sustainability approach. Ciudad Our approach to the city is integral, we seek to know its different scales, carry out research and studies that allow us to analyze the different actors and elements that integrate, in order to create proposals and strategies that contribute to create a resilient city. We have collaborators specialists in different work areas: Urban planners, Cultural Managers, Designers, Sociologists, Architects and together we work in the rescue of public spaces, directing artistic interventions, creating plans and strategies for citizen participation, development plans with a common objective : Contribute to creating a compact and fairer city for everyone.

Casa VA

The proposal seize and multiplies the distribution of the existing building, frees walls to generate spatial fluidity and unify the premises programme. “The encounter” is the key characteristic of this single-family home project for a couple with two daughters. To...

/ September 9, 2019