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Welcome in the studio of design of interiors of Bassano&Sivak Bassano&Sivak design studio this is the tandem, based on experience, professionalism and mutual trust. Eva Bassano went to School of the Decorative art in Paris and long time worked in France. Irene Sivak, getting two higher educations in building and economic spheres, many years creates the architectural projects of building and engages in their internal space. Main rule of work of our studio Bassano&Sivak is the individual going near every client. Among our works you will not find the cut-and-dried solutions or two identical objects. We engage in development and authorial accompaniment of desidne progect of private houses, apartments, restaurants, offices, shops, decorating of apartments, and similarly by a subject design and development of authorial furniture, that helps to arrive at an unsurpassed result. We will incarnate Your dreams in life and will create for you comfortable and harmonious space that will become a reflection


Everybody knows that the interior consists of small things, and all the details about location , mission architecture, its owners, etc. set the overall motive of the future of design. As the house the area of which is 170 sq....

/ December 20, 2016