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WTL Design is an interior design company, headquartered in Beijing, that offers turnkey solutions from first layout to construction completion. Over the past 16 years, we have built a solid client base that consists of about 80% international clients - covering industries from automotive and advertising to engineering and oil. Since then, the WTL team has continued to grow and counts 60 people to date.   Our main business is office spaces, but we are well versed in other fields, such as retail, brand experience centres, showrooms and private clubs.   With rich experience and successful projects ranging up to 40,000sqm in size, we possess both the infrastructure and processes necessary to work smoothly with big corporates. However, we take pride in offering a very personal, individual and flexible approach to service - be it for start-ups or Fortune 500 companies - which is one of the reasons that partnerships with some of our clients have already lasted over 13 years.

Stellar Mega Films

Stella Mega Film is in the business of movie making, viewing and investing. The costumer’s experience and satisfaction is of the highest priority. This mind set does not stop when going behind the scenes. Stella Mega wanted to give as...

/ July 26, 2016