Category: Commercial

Hotel Hots

This space stands out in the urban landscape as a clear reference, an alternate route offering the guest a contemporary profile in accommodation services. The entry is through a primary way and immediately followed by a vivid and sensorial space.

/ November 18, 2021


This project is inspired by the cultural and colors of India, which are like a huge variety, diversity was selected according to the needs of spaces. Symbolic elements in each of the rooms with a palette in orange, red, pink...

/ November 18, 2021

Hotel Centra2

One of the challenges you most enjoy DIN interior is to give a new image to a hotel, especially when it involves a comprehensive change, which begins and ends in the name of a new concept. This hotel had Pugibet...

/ November 18, 2021

Hotel MX Roma

As you stand in front of the multicolored reception booth, you realize you are on the edge of entering into a dreamlike mist. A burst of color coming out to the sidewalk in contrast to the daily gray that is...

/ November 18, 2021

Sala de amigos Museo Franz Mayer

The friends’ room is the space where Museo Franz Mayer´s trust holds their meetings. The direction and trust members requested a project to renew the space, improving its lighting, furniture and fixtures conditions, in order to have efficient and comfortable...

/ November 18, 2021


DIN interiorismo´s submission for this office project focused on a design with the adequate range of movement and private spaces at the same time. The challenge to address was developing a dynamic area that allowed the users to work with...

/ November 18, 2021

Ambient dwellings – Extending the home of dreams

Red Apple has constantly pursued excellence in panel furniture. The Premium Pavilion features in sophisticated custom furniture and the core value of the brand. Extending from the form of the “house,” the exhibit interior planning also stems from the vision...

/ November 11, 2021

Las Aguas Zona Azul

This project took us on a nostalgic walk through the Ciudad Satélite area, where the original concept emerged in 1957. Este proyecto nos llevó por un nostálgico paseo por la zona de Ciudad Satélite, donde surgió el concepto original en...

/ November 1, 2021


The inspiration at all times for this project was ice cream, all the elements seemed very important to us, their texture, consistency, history and tradition. Working with Dolphy, a brand with well-defined design parameters, we found in their guidelines the...

/ November 1, 2021

Public learning space design

This is a renovation project I designed in 2018, and the user is a student of Wuhan Maple Leaf International School. This space is located in the atrium area of the entire teaching building. The purpose of the design here...

/ September 26, 2021

Tropical Restaurant Ideas

This is a river side restaurant design in tropical theme, which is situated at West Bengal, India. Primary objective of this design is to create the best river side natural ambience and give peaceful environment to the visitors with lush...

/ July 2, 2021

Coffee Shop in Egypt

When starting a project to establish a coffee shop, such projects depend on attracting the public to the place and providing the psychological comfort imposed by the interior and exterior decoration of the place, the decoration is the most important...

/ May 25, 2021