Category: Commercial

Audiovisual Production Building | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Located in the Audiovisual District of Buenos Aires, the Audiovisual Production Building sits on an exposed plot of land dominated by the intersection of two hierarchical avenues: Av. Córdoba and Av. Jorge Newbery. The building seeks to affirm its own...

/ January 20, 2020

Recycling Projection House

An insertion space design for Monks Abbey’s ruins in Lincoln. The concept is to create an educational/ entertaining space which would engage kids with recycling through projection. Using translucent concrete as the main material for both interior and exterior.

/ January 14, 2020

Co-Work Concept Presentation – Contracted design Work

A concept design proposal for a new co-working space based in South Africa. The contracting company wanted to create a chic yet trendy space that was both functional and aesthetic in an already existing office building. The contracting company wanted...

/ January 7, 2020

Douglas Elliman, California Headquarters

The 11,000 sq ft California Headquarters for Douglas Elliman Real Estate and Development was constructed in 2017 in Beverly Hills, CA. The office space is a classic, timeless architectural interior to reflect the national identity and brand of Douglas Elliman.

/ January 7, 2020


Design of the showroom is based on a hinged construction, which is created in the manner of a cut of clothes and corresponding to the stylistic trends of the brand. Suspended ceiling smoothly flows onto the wall and fitting room,...

/ December 22, 2019

POÇAS Vinhos – Visitor Center II

This was a Project of a recovery and expansion for the Visitor Center, Wine Cellars, Shop and Tasting Room for Somelliers. A multipurpose space in a building with more than 800,00m2, and over 100 years of existence. For a company...

/ December 14, 2019

Yeşilyurt Office Center

Standing at the juncture of the two principal seaports for trade along the Marmara Sea, the Yeşilyurt Office Center was designed as a paragon to global business development within one of Istanbul’s most sought-after residential neighborhoods. This ongoing project is...

/ December 5, 2019

Office interior in Kerch city ( Crimea )

The project was developed for a construction company that opened its office on the territory of a residential complex under construction. The design of the office is simple and restrained, more suited to a minimalist style. The space is divided...

/ November 30, 2019

Hotel Pasadena

This hotel takes its name from the Californian city famous for the Rose Parade. Avoiding falling into this well-known cliché DIN interiorismo investigates the history of this interesting community and discovers “Playhouse” which translates in Spanish: Casa de Juegos marking...

/ November 27, 2019

Hotel Velamor

Love Hotels concept, a registered trademark and creation of DIN interiorismo, continues to produce excellent results that are shown in this project in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The client gave a very clear commission, he wanted this hotel to be the...

/ November 27, 2019

Hotel Tatami

This Love Hotel designed by DIN interiorismo´s team took as starting point for the development of the concept the tatami —these traditional Japanese mats that were used to cover the floor of the main rooms— for the purpose of rescuing...

/ November 27, 2019

El Callejón Café

El Callejón is a coffee shop with only 47 sq m and place for 14 to 20 people. It is located on the base of a refurbished building in the historic center of Mexico City, a small business that characterizes...

/ November 27, 2019