They are spaces with modular furniture, they must be ephemeral spaces, the spaces are designed to attend commercial events where attendees can enjoy a space to have a coffee.

The area they must occupy is 25m, so the space must be very practical and allow the flow of people.

This is a project carried out for “Colombiana de Cafe comercializadora”, the idea is to have flexible spaces for the attention of business events.
They hope to create an experience around coffee and that potential customers know the quality of Colombian coffee.

The chosen materials tend to be neutral with natural textures, create a simple space without many environments, but that can be comfortable and warm.
The strong contrasts and the woods give it a masculine aspect, likewise it should have a more urban and mature style.

Although at first I wanted to pay tribute to the coffee tradition of Colombia, in the business environment you should think about other values and create spaces according to this context.

It was important to create a comfortable space for the participants, even from the aesthetic aspect, so we decided to integrate all their preferences within the space and choose to create a space with more minimalist features

  • Interior Designer: Comercializadora Colombiana de Café

Posted by Juan Camilo Cadavid Rivera

Industrial Designer and engineer, Illustrator, I have worked on brand design projects, Editorial design and design of commercial spaces.

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