The amplitude of the spaces was what determined the project for the department of 350m2 located in Mexico City. We seek the perfect balance between open space and elegance making the divisions give using different sets of furniture for each of the areas.

Our clients, a newlywed couple who expect soon increase the number of family members, gave us as pattern set a very flexible program that can easily adapt to all the changes expected in the future and make your home matures along with his family.

The lobby was the focus that allowed us to connect the social areas with private maintaining project communication and making the atmosphere indicated in each of the different areas that compose them. The finishes were selected to maintain homogeneity and accentuate the warmth of the entire atmosphere which combine oil wood, marble and wallpaper.

In the room stands the grand piano whose location makes evident fondness family for this instrument that fills the home with its perfect harmony. In the kitchen the high contrast is the defining element of his personality with the combination of black and white in all elements, including floor and walls.

  • Architect: José & Bernado Lew
  • Photographer: Jaime Navarro

Posted by Jose Lew

ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea is an innovative company specialized in property development and interior architecture. The company’s experience, both in México and abroad, is reflected in the superior quality, transparency, personalized treatment and continuous service that they offer. The company considers that true architecture is developed based in the customer satisfaction, through the use of a language that shapes and expresses the intention in an aesthetic and functional result. ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea was founded by architects Bernardo Lew and José Lew who lead the company. The main activities of the firm are: planning, architectonic project execution, interior design, consulting and structural projects coordination, MEP systems, site management, technical and financial costs management, construction site coordination and supervision. Recently they have added a new division to their operation integrating architect José Memun as development director.

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