The project consists of the remodeling of a department located on the Yucatan coast whose intentions are to refresh the spatiality using a palette of light colors, and proposing new finishes and new furniture.
Also, it is intended to restore the electrical and hydraulic installations and give a new coating to the bathrooms, with new finishes in trend, trying to maintain practicality and functionality.

The project was presented to an elderly client, whose apartment on the beach needed a change of image, seeking brightness and freshness, using current trends and restoring the deterioration of facilities and furnishings.
Se solicitó una intervención que resolviera los problemas de deterioro e imagen pasada de moda, por lo que se dió libertad creativa.

The inspiration and repertoire of ideas comes from architecture magazines, internet content and personal tastes that, as a whole and synthesized, generated a project that fulfills the intentions requested.
Many times the inspiration comes to me when I’m drawing and modeling the project, my design process is meticulous and perfectionist, being self-critical and always looking for the best possible result.

This project in particular, helped me a lot to land more my ideas, using finishes and local materials, and in stock in the market to optimize costs, in the same way get deeper into the administration process and budget, thus delivering a more complete product, which only the design, plans and perspectives.
The final project was liked by both colleagues and acquaintances, the works are close to begin. So much so that I was invited to share my work on this site.

  • Architect: José González
  • Architect: Antre Arquitectos

Posted by José Alberto González Manzanilla

Graduated from the Autonomous University of Yucatan UADY (Mexico), an independent architect who has ventured into the labor market since I was a student, interacting with clients and architects of my environment offering meticulous and refined works. I have worked in different offices developing my skills of representation and architectural design, in the same way, I have had experience in construction, supervising and managing. I offer my services of design and architectural representation with professionalism and an artistic, fluid and uniform vision.

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