In the design of the space, the warmth of wood integrates with the texture of marble. The golden pattern of the marble is in perfect harmony with the warm tone of the wood. The wooden laths that descend from the wall to the floor add movement to the area. A stylish painting is placed on the wall.
Lighting on the dining table adds elegance to the space. Herringbone parquet was preferred on the floor of the living area in the hall. The modern chairs in brown tones combine with the colors of the marble textured wall.

The dining areas are quite important. It can be a meeting place for families or friends. Therefore, the aim of the project is to create a warm, livable, stylish dining area. And the project was made for a design page.

Wood and marble texture is frequently used in the place. Wood is undoubtedly the most widely used hot material in the decoration sector. It is a versatile, very useful natural building and decoration material. I think that the coldness of marble and the warmth of wood will create a perfect harmony.

They found my place simple and elegant. I know that, it is important that the tissues of the space adapt to each other. Apart from this, color harmony, lighting arrangement, useful space and make people feel comfortable is very important.

I wish everyone a colorful day full of design!

  • Interior Designer: Nevin Zırhlı

Posted by Nevin Zırhlı

İnterior architect

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