DIN interiorismo design team loves challenges and Bonn Hotel gave two very attractive ones for these interior design professionals. The first one was the design project for renovating the 25 years of intensive use building, and the second one was to execute the project without stopping the hotel operation, which were accomplished using a strict schedule.

The project started from the hotel´s name and it was decided to emphasize the German culture from their high end technology and engineering expertise that reflects a very well-known characteristic of this country that is rarely used as the fundamental statement of an interior design project. Contemporary atmospheres with few elements were created with a bright colors palette that stands out.

The rooms have different configurations so that the blaster board soffits, furniture and lighting were placed according to the dimensions and shape of each space aiming to have a functional and dynamic ambiance.
Technology is the main feature and the guests may indulge using the automatic system to control the lighting, music and video in each room. An excellent contrast was achieved with the presence of graphics created with classic German texts and typographies.

An excellent contrast was achieved with the presence of graphics created with classic German texts and typographies.

The materials that were selected such as ceramic floors, stainless steel elements, synthetic textiles and plastic laminates highlight the synchronous atmosphere and the ample space with the certainty that even the last corner will always be spotless.

  • Interior Designer: Aurelio Vázquez – DIN interiorismo
  • Photographer: Arturo Chávez

Posted by Aurelio Vazquez

For 29 years designing spaces and interior architecture has been DIN interiorismo specialty. They are located in Mexico City and their projects are distributed in the main states of the Mexican Republic and some countries in the world. All the projects they design are the result of the right combination between creativity, functionality, originality, innovation and quality. With the support of a large multidisciplinary team they shape aesthetic and functional spaces for life, work and business in which the personality and particular needs that each one require stand out. Interior designers, architects, designers, construction professionals, graphic design and all the disciplines that are necessary are continuously added to develop the best project for their clients. They develop projects in the following specialties: residential, commercial, corporate, hotels and services. For DIN interiorismo clients are unique and it is unquestionable to respect the personality, needs and goals of their spaces supporting the alternatives and solutions presented from an integral perspective.

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