CRAFT Arquitectos´s projects are notable for their pursuit of designing efficient spaces and studying all the possible interactions of the different areas, inside and out of the architectonic volume, with their immediate surroundings.
La Galera is a project that is located in Mexico City with an area of ​​325 m2.

The architects started from a three sections plan to create a central axis where all the social areas of the house: office, dinning and family room, were located. The bedrooms and services are on every side of this section. With this approach the visitor enters through a completely open broad rectangular atrium with the slab left apparent, a grand floated and perforated lattice is the central feature and when sliding the panels the kitchen is unveiled.

The office area is an island enhanced by the white plafond and semi open bookcase that gives some privacy to the desk, inside a sober palette where color black stands out and the grey stone is contrasted by the wood covering the wall hiding the bedrooms doors.

The layout change resulted in a terrace enjoyed by the master bedroom and social areas that brings natural light into the whole apartment creating in the general ambiance a broad range of contrasts and nuances during the day.

La Galera a warm and comfortable place.

  • Architect: Alan Rahmane – CRAFT Arquitectos

Posted by Alan Rahmane

In 2008 Alan Rahmane founded CRAFT Architects, an interdisciplinary team formed by young people who aspire to respond to the needs of each user, giving their works and projects a personal character. We capture our ideas based on simple, clean and functional lines, consistent with the architectural program, the study of the environment and economic analysis. We believe that architecture is a practice that should always be at the service of citizens, because it fulfills an essential function for society; It is the art that every human being can enjoy as we constantly find ourselves surrounded and surrounded by it and cannot escape its influence. We provide in each project a respectful architecture valued in relation to the environment and who lives there. CRAFT Architects maintains a constant search in the generation of new reflections on contemporary architecture and in turn tries to generate creative, rational and integrated architectural solutions in the context that meet the user's demand.

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