We drew inspiration from traditional prairie motifs and updated them for this modern home in the mountains. Throughout the residence, there is a strong theme of horizontal lines integrated with a natural, woodsy palette and a gallery-like aesthetic on the inside.

The plan is to design a modern bedroom that keeps pace with our times today, with furniture, lighting, and models that show the shape and beauty of the room.Secondly, the aim of the project was to obtain the highest design with less furniture and to choose quiet colors that give comfort and beauty to the room in which you live and delay your privacy. One of the most important peculiarities is the bedroom.

In terms of style, there are many patterns due to the nature of the person himself, according to his comfort .. As for the color, I used a light gray color that relaxes the eye until it feels comfortable.Secondly, inspiration is a feeling for a person who practices this profession and is an architect because he has a sense of vision and deepening of the colors and things that he uses in design. I advise you that I visit the sites so that you see many designs that are unparalleled

Yes, I saw a lot of people admiring the project for several reasons, firstly in terms of design, thirdly, I choose furniture that is modern on this day ..And the last thing I like is I advise him not to stop and surrender to anything, whatever his difficulties, because you have the ability to do more and the best thing you can imagine..you are the best

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