Communication agency aimed at creating new standards in the world of communications and digital technologies.
The space of complex geometry in the corner of the building occupies an area of ​​240 square meters.
All office space is open and permeable, which in turn speaks about the company’s policy.
In the center of the space is a freestanding glass box with a polygonal geometry in which the meeting room is located, it also echoes the geometry with the reception area. These are two accents on the background of laconic space. The background of the interior is based on white and gray colors with an emphasis on the purple color in which open communications are painted.

The main task; create free space for creativity and interaction. Create a space that will be convenient for employees and visitors. Create free space for further development. Create comfortable workplaces and meeting areas. Create space for informal events and presentations.

The space itself has prolicted the design. The concrete structure of the building and the planning of complex shape. We have created new, clean lines in contrast with the common space.A large amount of glass creates a sense of openness and honesty of the company.

All people ask about space and how it works. New space impresses guests. New office helps to establish the first communication.Each zone should not interfere with each other. Many people like the sterility of office space. A large amount of glass creates a sense of openness and honesty of the company.

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