Pent House Altaire 36 has a composition based on its architectural program in which its geometry laid on proportion and orthogonality extends parallel and perpendicular axes towards the main area: a central garden that arranges views and circulation through a contemplative image of Mexico City.

This space divides the project into 2 different areas: public and private. Both converge into an impressive entrance hall covered with kassama marble plates that frame the elevators. A simple system of partitions divides this first module between the penthouse and a small office. Natural light comes from the central garden and from a large terrace.

The materials solution answers to an integration of the space with its function; marbles, wood floors and fiber cement panels were placed on even surfaces and volumetric proposals that distinguish the use of each room defining them only through the use of textures and shades.

The communication corridors are free of ornament allowing accommodating a single sculptural element: two wings carved in resin frame the allegory of an emotional effect. This element leads to the social area of the family, the family room, which functions as an informal semi-private where gray wooden marble and fiber cement panels are used to enunciate a monochromatic space composed in grayscale and walnut accents. The living and dining room, subtly divided by a multifunctional element, are resolved with panoramic views that, together with the furniture and finishes, achieve a progression of gray tones creating a sober and elegant ambiance.

The private section consists of 4 rooms for family privacy: a master bedroom, two secondary rooms and a playroom. The main room has a design that combines exclusivity, elegance, and simplicity. Where the furniture responds to different activities and the fireplace complements the environment where wood is combined with champagne color and gray tones.

The two secondary bedrooms are rectangular modules that displace dressing room, bathroom, and the main area. The particularity of these two spaces stands out in the solution of the bathrooms; interior spaces not adjoining the facade, which open to the room with a window formed by louvers, which illuminate the space and frame the view of the facade.

A final room promotes family integration by creating a playroom with a bookshelf’s perimeter and smooth finishes with volumes resolved in the same material, which cause a play between light and shadow through the simplicity of the materials.

This is how Serrano Monjaraz architects once again achieved an elegant and contemporary project taking care of all the details, offering its inhabitants harmonious and functional spaces.

  • Architect: Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Posted by Juan Pablo Serrano

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos reaches 25 years developing architectural spaces where quality is achieved by the proper use of materials and light as creative elements. Being space their raw material, architects Juan Pablo Serrano Orozco and Rafael Monjaraz Fuentes, demonstrate their capability and performance in all architecture fields always supported by interdisciplinary teams. Their structure and professionalism has given them the opportunity to work in partnership with important firms as well as with national and international architects. They have been invited to national and international competitions and they actively participate in the formation and diffusion of architectural work. Architecture signifies their way to collaborate in the development of a better urban context because the correct design of spaces is the only way to create better cities. Their experience has been strengthened by the constant search of the perfect combination between form and structure. For them community is the backbone of the cities and buildings, in which settlers spend their day to day, these are the elements that help them contribute with spaces designed to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants. They have had the opportunity to design, direct and execute residential projects, restaurants, hotels, cultural centers and housing developments. The sensibility that they bring into their projects is the decanting of everything that they learn in their professional and personal activities. Light, materials and technology are combined in a perfect balance to create the living space around the inhabitant. Their awareness regarding the ecological balance and nature has been present in their projects since their inception and they consider that sustainability is not a trend but the only way to make architecture. They are members of the Green Building Council Chapter Mexico, to strengthen their contribution in the architectural scene designing buildings that have the highest energy performance standards. They have participated with their projects in various exhibitions in major countries like Mexico, United States, France, Singapore, Italy, Argentina, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, China, Australia, Greece and Spain, as well as in interviews and in various national and international magazines. They have received numerous awards and distinctions both in Mexico and abroad.

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