This project showcases one of our latest works in year 2016, a twin villa of total 600 square meters in the heart of United arab Emirates, with a beautiful view towards jawdropping desert on one side and stunning skyline of developing city on the other. This meeting point of modern city and untouched nature inspired us to have the same cultural and style mixture inside the house. In this project our biggest challenge was to create a unique space where modern world will blend with heritage and reach Islamic culture, and the result of work we are leaving up to your judgement.

This project was created for a young family who entrusted us their first house, where we did our best considering all the desires and modest budget. Unique combination of local Arabic and European contemporary styles can be seen through out the villa designs.
Mainly set up of the house follows Emirati loved Islamic traditional layouts, having separate living rooms for both male and female guests on the ground floor, united with common dining area in between.
The first floor in Arab traditional houses usually made for the owner and his family only, where visitors come rarely, and this is why its more modern and flexible in terms of materials and solutions applied.
Overall this particular client aimed to have each room unique interior aiming to be able enjoying mixture of styles within one house.

Before the work on design starts we create a group with all the future inhabitants of the space, and we ask them to share their ideas, preferences and inspirations. Mainly this gives us a complete understanding of owners philosophy and lifestyle, where our part remains just using our experience and expertise to guide people towards their dream house interior.

Clients totally loved proposed solutions, and our team managed to overcome their expectations in every square meter designed. From that key to successful implementation is overhead planning and sufficient time for marketing research. It is very crucial in any design work to select proper materials, and make sure the items will be delivered to the site at need stage in order do not delay the workflow.
That is why always suggest our clients to start design stage 2-3 month before the construction will start.

  • Interior Designer: Konstantin Grytsan

Posted by Konstantin Grytsan

KG ARCHITECTS - are a group of creatives based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A team of experts in Luxury living with worldwide experience and proven skills in a range of prestigious projects from tiny apartments to stunning Palaces for the biggest influencers of 21st century. Our goal is creating a flexible environment fitting a fast pace life of people that value their time and efforts in every tiny detail of their living. We offer a highly customized "made to measure" solution to your interior with unique approach to every client.

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  1. The old and new,the sand and universe,good feeling of reality and the world. Magnificent work of a young architect!


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