Pendant lamps featuring flowing forms centered around radial aesthetics. Two of the lamps have a socket for Edison bulbs, while one of the lamps has a flexible LED panel with a soft diffusion layer. The main body elements are made of matte ceramic with a faint sheen treatment. All ceramic parts come in white and black color options. The base of the lamps is created from anodized aluminum.

I wanted to explore roundness — cylindrical, radial, twisting, spiraling forms. Think about tornadoes, flowers, wind, movement — spinning forms seem to always have some sort of system they adhere to. I wanted to capture this feeling in the shape language of these lamps.

I grew up in NYC. Being a New Yorker, black is my color. I love black on black materials where the eye gets pulled in to focus on the subtle variations of surface detail. For contrast, I also offered the design in white.

It was very well received, turning out to be one of my most popular projects. It has a vintage hint, but overall modern feel. The biggest thing I learned from this project was to take a step back and look at nature. I picked a natural theme and then based everything around it — something I hadn’t done before.

  • Product designer: Saad Syed of EMRGNCE

Posted by Saad Syed

Forged in Brooklyn, polished in Durham. My story starts off as... well... a pre-med bio major. I would eventually leave that path to pursue a career in the visual arts. Starting off with running a successful wedding photography business, I found opportunities at various agencies and made the jump to commercial film-making and animation. Over years of working on a variety of animation projects for tech companies like Intel, Dell, AMD, and Red Hat, I developed a specialization in 3D modeling -- from polygonal Sub-D to CAD. Over time, my passion has become hard-surface modeling for 3D concept art and industrial design.

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