Project focused on the creation of an open and versatile space according to user’s lifestyle. We wanted this space to be used as an entertainment area, dining room, office and reunion center. It starts from the idea of an object that could have different uses and be visualized as a unity or as independent blocks.

The project was created for a man who uses his home as a place for escaping the routine. We wanted to give him a great space to work, chill out and enjoy with his friends and family. The plan for this project was to use materials from the region such as volcanic stones, wood and different textiles.

The inspiration comes from the combination of a contemporary design with the use of traditional materials and an artesanal process. Also we wanted the same furniture to unify the space but be used as separate blocks, fulfilling different needs at the same time.

Our tip is to create a bond or connection with your customer, so you can really understand what they need and give them more than what they expected. It is very important to detail every aspect of the project since day one, that way the work will flow in a more natural way and you will reach your goal easier and faster.

  • Interior Designer: Mexicanos Anónimos

Posted by Mexicanos Anónimos

We are a collaborative studio based in Guadalajara, Mexico; conformed by a multidisciplinary team of architects, designers and marketers. We believe that success lies in the collaboration and team work of multiple individuals, that is why we decided to use the word "Anonymous". We want mexican talent to be acknowledged and give credit to everyone involved in our projects, so people won't praise an individual for the work of many.

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