In Kiev, this is the only place of its kind with such an enormous choice of dried salted fish, there is not another one like it and the customer wanted to highlight it through the unique interior. How do you make a pub, without it looking like one? Well, this is what turned out.

This project was for Ukraine’s brewer and owner of a the first Hutsul craft brewery, Alexander Shatalov. The task was to make a unique, bright and rich interior that would act as a pub, but won’t really look like one. Zoning in the main hall we did by combining the bar with the standard seating places and amplified it by directional light.

We were inspired by the sea, its inhabitants and cities and towns that have a port. So we really imagined ourselves walking the port and what would we see and how would it feel to us, we wanted to transfer that feeling to Taranka Bar.

We were really glad with the feedback and I think the main lesson for us with this project is that it is so awesome when a customer gives a unique task and you think outside of the box to make it happen.

  • Interior Designer: Kassa Design

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