In Ancient Greek Kairos means the opportune moment. No matter the time of day you stay, whether it’s on a sunny morning or you take lunch in the cool shade, or maybe a dinner party with guests, each of these moments will be right for you. The simple lifestyle of the island is presented in straight lines and natural materials. Big windows provide plenty of air and natural daylight, and sliding shutters offer a refuge from the relentless sun. A cosy seating area helps you to relax and enjoy the passage of time, because here, there is no reason to be in a rush, you can find peace and quiet. It is a right place for talking about life, discussing art and enjoying local food.

The main goal was to create a soothing and healing atmosphere. In this age of technology and excess much information, we need that place, where we can get rest, feel calm and relaxed. But at the same time, the interior had to be functional. Due to this, great attention was paid to the kitchen. At first glance, with the closed kitchen cabinets, it seems that there is little in the way of functionality. However, there is a large kitchen with all required equipment tucked away behind swinging doors. Here, you find everything you need to satisfy any of your culinary dreams. For followers of “less is more”, this is a great way to combine minimalism and functionality.

For the interior, I used natural materials. The neutral tones give an instant feeling of luxury and style to any space. Clay plaster is the main material and the dark wood adds contrast. Brass and Calacatta Borghini marble for the kitchen and island countertops are the accent materials. The natural stone wall in the living room provides a sense of authenticity. It is hard to miss an amazing Flos Coordinates Suspension Lamp over the entire kitchen island. Its straight lines match perfectly with the legs of dining chairs Voyage by Porro.
The kitchen has an elongated shape and it is visually separated from the living zone by steps. The kitchen rises above the rest of the space. The kitchen serves asthe stage where you are the main character and you can watch other residents or guests of the house as Greek gods from Olympus.
The living zone is a cozy, large seating area facing the panoramic windows. Freeman sofa by Minotti helps you to relax and enjoy the conversation or the silence of measured lifestyle on the island. You don’t need to be afraid of the relentless sun, because wide sliding shutters gently shade you from it. The small olive tree brings freshness and a sense of life into the space and serves to connect the outside environment with the interior space.

Natural daylight, plenty of air, expansive space… That’s what people like in this interior. People connected with the healing nature of the interior. In spite of the large space, warm colors bring calmness and comfort. And, of course, everyone adores natural materials. Natural materials never appear dated; they tend to give the space a timeless elegance.

  • Interior Designer: Yevheniia Kudria

Posted by Yevheniia Kudria

I'm an Interior Designer located in Kiev, Ukraine. I'm interested in an architecture and in Italian design that inspires me. I believe that a designer who is stepped in the history of his/her profession, should move with the times and be involved in the world of design and technology. That is what I am trying to do by visiting the international design exhibitions and walking around the showrooms of leading italian furniture brands in Milan.

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