I recently finished this 3D visualization project for a condo located in Australia. My client requested 4 renders and a brochure to sell their new house as well as a decoration proposal.

My client suggested using a high end but modern italian decoration.

The plan was just to first create a 3D Scene of the scenes need it for each image in a 3D software (i used 3ds max) and then start to make proposals for decoration and illumination. My client was a Real Estate company with the goal of use all the images provided by me for sell houses.

My main means of inspiration for decoration and rendering come from people that i follow in behance and pinterest.
To select colors i use the “adobe color” tool which allows you to easily find colors that mix well with each other.

For furniture i use 3D models that i buy online and they are replicas of designs that many manufacturers sell. Then using references from pinterest and behance i choose the correct furniture and colors to decorate each scene.

3d is a magic tool because you can change all your decoration in a few hours and try a new style easily

They were very satisfied although in the beginning they made some corrections on the furniture chosen by me, but the problem was easily corrected in a few hours.

My main tip is to leave the decoration work and the visualization in the hands of a studio or freelancer. we can show you how your decoration will look and get you to agree before you buy it and try it for yourself in the real world

  • Decorator: Valantia Studio

Posted by Valantia Studio

Hi im Cristian Vergara from Valantia Studio, founded in Chile 2016. We are a 3D animation and visualization studio, we offer rendering services for images, videos, virtual reality and augmented reality. Our goal is to provide a professional service to our customers, focusing on creating photo-realistic images that can communicate the values of the project for which we are hired. These images usually have commercial use. If you need rendering, modeling or 3d animation services, get in touch with us. https://www.valantiastudio.cl contacto@valantiastudio.com

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