Bedroom and living room interior designed in a modern minimalist style that can be traced not only in apartments but also around the residential area in all. High ceilings and a large window allowed to fill the space with air, despite the dark colors of the room. The decoration used natural materials, especially a large amount of wood, what makes a cozy bedroom. In the room almost no furniture, only bed and sofa with a TV stand in the rest area. This is due to the existence of separate dressing room and bathroom. All the furniture was made to order for this project.

The purpose of this project was to create a comfortable and contemporary living space for the big family. The interior should not only reflect the character and preferences of the family customers, but also to be convenient for all its members.

Selection of materials, lighting and style was quite time-consuming. Inspiration and idea of the interior served as a residential complex where the apartment is located. Its architecture is designed in a contemporary style with simple, but unusual shapes of the houses themselves and an abundance of wood panelling in the decoration of the facade.

Customers were delighted not only from the interior of the bedrooms/living room and from the whole project. Bedroom is the main place for customers and she should be as comfortable and free of unnecessary furniture and interior items.
Every residential interior is developed individually for a particular customer, and each project teaches me something new. Specifically, this project taught me to identify the main for each zone, excluding all unnecessary.

  • Interior Designer: Valentina Kazantceva

Posted by Valentina Kazantceva

Welcome all! Love to creative activity came to me from childhood. Later I graduated from art school, and after-University on the profile of "interior design" in my hometown. Now I am a private interior designer. I love to create beautiful things and watch over their implementation.

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