This is an 65 square meter apartment for a single mature man who travels a lot and has a dynamic rythm of life. The project is made in the modern style, highly functional and there are pryncipally used natural materials. I tried to find a perfect balance of lightness and saturated contrasty accents.

This project is made for person who lives active and bright life and travels a lot. The main wish of the client was to create a calm relaxing atmosfere of a luxury hotel but to keep the advantages and the conditions of a private home, and to provide a possibility of accomodation of an additional person.

I always choose natural and ecological materials, try to create interesting and harmonious combinations. I like to use natural stone and wood in the interiors. I used a lot of plants, because green unfluences people well, and looks beautiful. The inspiration usually comes from everywhere, it can be the journeys, or art. Nature forms and beatiful landscapes always give me the cue.

The owner of the apartment was very pleasantly exited when he saw the visualisations, he was very satisfied with the result. He said, that verything came out just like he wanted, and especially he liked the dark bedroom, that is made in dark soft colors, and is a perfect place to relax and to restore after the chaotic day.
I learned, that, before to show the project to client, I have to work on it until I’m satisfied myself. And when I’m sure myself that it’s good, the other people will also like it.

Posted by Svetlana Rzheutskaya

Hi! I'm interior designer from Minsk. I've studied applied arts at College of Arts and interior and furniture disign at The Belarussian State Academy of Arts. My goal is to create simple and comfortable, but stylish and elegant spaces.

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