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Animo is a design and architecture practice, covering the broad scope of transitioning ideas from concept to existence. Regis is a research-focused studio, looking beyond to bring new ideas into design. Animo Regis was conceptualized by Arch. Andrei Vasilief, graduate of Queen’s University Belfast and KU Leuven, Sint-Lucas Architectuur, with the firm being established after returning to Bucharest, Romania. Project typologies include: residential, industrial, touristic, urbanism, graphic design, product design, interior architecture. Research is often done in parallel with design projects to fertilize new ideas from a vast array of disciplines, such as economics, sociology, history, finance and tech. Integrated design is focused on, with every aspect of the project being designed, from the overall architecture, to integrating art to interior to furnishings to everyday items used within.

Studio Nerva

A minimal remodeling of a communist studio, located in a central area of Bucharest. Interventions were kept very minimal, with only 1 partition wall being demolished, an extra door added for access to the balcony and a light weight partition...

/ July 4, 2019