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I'm Ayham from Damascus Syria .I graduated from faculty of architecture in 2015 .Designing has been my obsession so i have been working in my field since i was 3rd year .i started internship as a interior designer then i moved to a company called Elements & PCH and located in Dubai but it has a branch in Damascus .I took alot of experiences in many styles such as "Modern styles ,Classic,NewClassic and Oriental style".The last tenure was an architect and main designer with a company in NY as a freelancer .Currently i'm a freelancer architect and interior designer .

Li-Mo Master Bedroom

A Soft modernist bedroom in villa located in Dubai .The design reflects various senses mixed with comfortable and nice corners . The materials came to give the elegant ,cozy ,purity and trendy senses with its colors .In addition,The simplicity and...

/ October 3, 2017