A Soft modernist bedroom in villa located in Dubai .The design reflects various senses mixed with comfortable and nice corners .
The materials came to give the elegant ,cozy ,purity and trendy senses with its colors .In addition,The simplicity and soft Mood incarnate in these zones so all these emotions will take the resident to the wanted space that he always wished for.

The target of this project is reaching to the trendy space with simple and comfortable mood in due time .All these requirements came according to the clients desires .Especially the bedroom is opened on its private living room .So he desired a continuous sense of comfortable and purity for the both spaces.

Nowadays,the modern style is trendy “the soft modern ” to be precise .So i started analysing and sketching then i saw references until i reached to the final concept .Actually all Materials, colors and elements inspired of a quote for Van Der Roh ,it says : LESS IS MORE

As we all know ,most of People tend to purity and simplicity .Thank God! when the client and his family saw it they really like it and i was satisfied on the final result .This project led me in to ” The purity of design will be sucked in our mind “

  • Interior Designer: Ayham Deeb

Posted by Ayham Deeb

I'm Ayham from Damascus Syria .I graduated from faculty of architecture in 2015 .Designing has been my obsession so i have been working in my field since i was 3rd year .i started internship as a interior designer then i moved to a company called Elements & PCH and located in Dubai but it has a branch in Damascus .I took alot of experiences in many styles such as "Modern styles ,Classic,NewClassic and Oriental style".The last tenure was an architect and main designer with a company in NY as a freelancer .Currently i'm a freelancer architect and interior designer .

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