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I'm a believer, a guy who believes that everyone, everyday, will make the best to improve the life around us. I like to work with professionals as much as i can, share experiences, work together and think together to spread out ideas; and then I love to focus on one project and think about every possibility that could influence it, to improve it. Study every circumstances - bad and good ones - to understand the strenght of your project/idea, then, when you will get to the point, the success will be easier to achieve. I am a guy who is passionate to Architecture. Since i began to study Architecture when I was young, I believed that it has to be connected to feelings; there is not "standard" Architecture, there is no 2 or more Architectures; it is 1, and 1 it has to be And with Architecture there's light; which could seem meaningless, but without it there's nothing. With it, there's everything. So my purpose, since I discovered this love for lighting, is to improve everyday studying it, developing my projects and thinking how my shapes could perfectly work with lights

Live the Architecture

A drawing of shapes and volumes which gives the house a linear beauty, marked by the big windows which defines the lines of the different ambients. The idea is to give, to the visitor, a full immersion walkthrough, outside and...

/ June 12, 2018