A drawing of shapes and volumes which gives the house a linear beauty, marked by the big windows which defines the lines of the different ambients.
The idea is to give, to the visitor, a full immersion walkthrough, outside and inside this Architecture, and “touch” and see all the parts and all the volumes that compose this mixed house.
The animations, the music (by Alessandro Fantin) and the paintings (by MJ2art), and the interactive parts, “raise” the visit to an emotional walk.
The project has been thought for mobiles and desktop PCs – also with VR -.

The plan of the project is to show, to the visitors, the possibility to visit the realized construction even before it is finished. The visitors are potential clients and the goal is let them “live” the project and see it all the details, like materials and furnitures.
Here’s the link for a video of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbTvS-DyWr4

The style and materials have been followed by an Architect – Alberto Galindo Muñoz – who I collaborated with. The inspiration came from the needs to control the natural light; and so all the shapes allows it to come inside the house deeply in every angle.

People are getting this like an oportunity to “live” the house. The first impact is always shocking because it looks like i teleported them into the construction! Then they get comfident with it and the first thing they try to do is to touch things and walk around; this is good because the next step is to listen to their judgement, not just for me, but also for the other figures that are involved in the construction of this project.

  • Project Developer: ChaletFlex
  • Visual Designer: Filippo Zordan
  • Architect: Alberto Galindo Muñoz
  • Home Builder: Neoblock
  • Music: Alessandro Fantin
  • Decorator: MJ2art

Posted by Filippo Zordan

I'm a believer, a guy who believes that everyone, everyday, will make the best to improve the life around us. I like to work with professionals as much as i can, share experiences, work together and think together to spread out ideas; and then I love to focus on one project and think about every possibility that could influence it, to improve it. Study every circumstances - bad and good ones - to understand the strenght of your project/idea, then, when you will get to the point, the success will be easier to achieve. I am a guy who is passionate to Architecture. Since i began to study Architecture when I was young, I believed that it has to be connected to feelings; there is not "standard" Architecture, there is no 2 or more Architectures; it is 1, and 1 it has to be And with Architecture there's light; which could seem meaningless, but without it there's nothing. With it, there's everything. So my purpose, since I discovered this love for lighting, is to improve everyday studying it, developing my projects and thinking how my shapes could perfectly work with lights

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