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MgA. Josef Trakal "Design is not only for the chosen but for all who want to live in a beautiful setting." I have been working on interiors since 2005. My work is also a hobby for me. Designing was brought to me by the Secondary School of Furniture Design and Design in Liberec and FUA study at the Technical University of Liberec, where I formed in the MgA. Leona Matějková, Prof. Dr. Ing. arch. Bořka Šípka and Doc. Mgr. Jaroslav Brabec. My goal is to listen to the client's wishes and lifestyle needs to create a tailored interior that radiates functionality, aesthetics, and especially a pleasant atmosphere. My reward is mutual satisfaction and shared pleasure in creating an original solution.

CHRASTAVA, House in a rustical and industrial style

“Rustic house in Nova Ves near Chrastava.” Bright tones, complemented by distinctive black metal constructions, supported by details with a distinctive solid wood design. “The interior is designed with a clear concept that is interwoven throughout the house. The design...

/ February 19, 2018