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Hi, we are MELT, an interior design agency specialized in commercial and retail spaces located in Monterrey, Mexico. This studio started a year ago by Nina D´Elia and Ana Porras both graduated from Architecture of Interior Design from CEDIM. Since we started we decided to focus in commercial and retail spaces, since we love to collaborate with other design branches. We like to constantly evolve with each project and are ready to break stereotypes as we believe that design should reach everywhere and everyone.


Olivier is a traditional cheese store with a renovated image and branding. The image mutated from a rusty style to a cleaner, elegant and contemporary vibe. We tweak with lighting, shapes, and materials to achieve a renewed ambience. The lighting...

/ October 14, 2017


A project which focus is expressing the escence of it’s owners over the spatial experience. Their openness, warmth and joy had to be brought to the celebration of specially memorable events. With a budget constraint, the brief ordered to distribute...

/ August 17, 2017