Olivier is a traditional cheese store with a renovated image and branding.

The image mutated from a rusty style to a cleaner, elegant and contemporary vibe. We tweak with lighting, shapes, and materials to achieve a renewed ambience. The lighting itself would communicate a cozy place, while the forms remain simple, slick and clean. The island is placed at the center of the room in order to create a visual statement to the costumer this is where the magic happens.
The metallic structure is an abstract resemblance of cheese slices and serves as the main icon of the store besides providing support for the shelves, lighting in the main island.

The color palette played also an important role in this project and served as a strong connection between the simple design and the inviting atmosphere elements, while enhancing the products’ features.

Olivier is a cheese store established in Monterrey Mexico, and for the owners, their store was born over their love for cheese and wine. The clients wanted to relocate and redesign their brand in order to expand their market and communicate better their essence.

The primary goal was to achieve a stronger image; it was essential to integrate their branding with the interior design.

Since it was of vital importance the integration between graphic design and interior design, most of the essence was abstracted from the branding. The design was thought for a tight budget while reflecting a clean, simple, yet elegant space. These was achieved by the color palette, symmetry, and lighting. The space needed to reflect the brand while highlighting the products.

Olivier is located in street mostly transited by cars, so it was one of the challenges to achieve curiosity in a couple of seconds. The memorability of the place has been a factor to attract new customers.

Design should manage to create a memorable place, a place that could transmit an accurate and strong message of the brand while having a limited or unlimited budget. Olivier is an example of that, while having few elements managed to achieve a beautiful place.

  • Interior Designer: MELT Studio

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Hi, we are MELT, an interior design agency specialized in commercial and retail spaces located in Monterrey, Mexico. This studio started a year ago by Nina D´Elia and Ana Porras both graduated from Architecture of Interior Design from CEDIM. Since we started we decided to focus in commercial and retail spaces, since we love to collaborate with other design branches. We like to constantly evolve with each project and are ready to break stereotypes as we believe that design should reach everywhere and everyone.

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