Basket is a comfortable chair with modern design. The frame wraps around the sitting part which looks like a basket. Materials that are used for the chair are ash wood and polyester fabric. The sitting part can be alternate between different colors of fabric.

The project was made for a competition in designing a chair with innovative look. I didn’t win but i continued working on the project and making it better for my taste. Now it has become a personal project that i wish i could make for myself.

i choose wood because it was one of the goals from the competition , to make a chair with wooden frame. It is hard to make a chair that is different from the others, so i wanted to make something that was simple, but innovative.

They thought it was a great looking chair with nice design. If i learned anything it was that you have follow your own style and taste, take little notes from experienced designers but don’t drastically change your design, no matter what somebody else wants, that way you can be happy with the result.

  • Interior Designer: Antonio Ancevski

Posted by toni ancevski

Industrial design student

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