Last month I´ve been working on catalogue renders for WeTec furniture company and their new line of beds. This was one of the projects where I was responsible for everything from design of the environments and colors, 3D modelling, lighting, texturing, to postproduction. Really enjoyed this one and hope you will do as well. To enjoy it even more I prepared 5 of these beds for you to download. Just jump on my page and download It´s totally free

It was made for Slovak company WeTec furniture to showcase their new line of beds in printed catalogues as well as on their webpage and facebook. In the past I made CGI´s for them but this was the first time I made such a lot (10) unique different CGI´s at the time

Inspiration came mostly from Pinterest and the images client sent me as reference. Also I used Adobe Color wheel to pick apropriate colors matching the main color I chose. Style was to be modern yet luxurious with some retro elements.

I learned that everyone (including me) loves free stuff so when I was deciding on whether to put the models for sale or share them for free I went with free this time and I got nice responds from people all over the world

Posted by Ján Mrázko

I am freelance 3D artist based in Bratislava, Slovakia, with focus on photorealistic imagery

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