Project created for a Spanish architect in Barcelona.
The proposal was to create comfortable environments where one could mix modern and contemporary.
Some neutral colors and a lot of green in the garden, perfect space for a cup of tea and in the main suite some ceramic objects on the wall and a rustic vase complement the environment.

Our main concern was to create an environment where both styles, modern and contemporary are in harmony with the rest of the house. This project was created in partnership with a Spanish architecture office and we had the same concerns and goals.

Barcelona is a beautiful city where the traditional meets the modern and everywhere you look you’re inspired. In all my designs I like to use neutral colors, where at the end the furniture creates all the contrast I need for the environment.

People loved the mix of styles, as you begin your design process you’ll start learning more about what works and what doesn’t. Hopefully you’ll notice some things that can improve your project. and my tip is to never overdo it.

  • Architect: Martin Negri

Posted by Marcelo Dos santos

Hi, my name is Marcelo and I am the owner of artemidia3d . We are a 3D design studio located in Brazil. We work with realistic 3D renders for interior designers, architectures, kitchen designers and much more. We turn your ideas into reality, we are a vibrant and creative studio dedicated to producing stunning visualizations through the use of digital technology. Our image contains an extraordinary level of detail, giving us the ability to tell your story with few or no words.

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