Bathroom project for a hotel in Bulgaria. Modern design in a combination of classic elements.Space planning is really important, in this project the goal was to create a bathrom which can be used by more than one person at the same time. The balance between functionality and design. Bring the elegant look into the bathroom with details and symmetry.

This is a hotel bathroom contest in Bulgaria. Bonart is my project for this contest. The special thing about the project is that it was the biggest bathroom which I have ever designed. It is almost 30 square meters. It was a big challange for me. I really hope that taking part in this contest will be a successful step in my carrer.

The inspiration came from after long researches on the internet. I tried a lot of materials such as wood, porcelain but I believe that the perfect combination for this project was marble and stone. After the material choice it was important to decide which material to use for the cabinets. I chose light wood material which is similar to the color of the marble and has horizontal lines as the stone. The combination of the materials is a result of couple days work.

I received great feedbacks about the project. One of them was your website, which was very exciting for me.Every projcet means experience.And more experience means a better designer. Most important thing which I learnt is how to visualize my ideas better by using the correct software.

Posted by Ali Bair

I am an industrial design student in Bulgaria.During my education I realize that I made the right choice.Designing became my passion. The excitement of the design process and thinking is what I love.

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