Small rectangle with two windows on its short side – quite typical configuration for one bedroom apartment. In Russian climate sunny days are relatively rare guests, so we decided to use sunshine as effective as possible in this space. Walls in bedroom and livind room are partly transparent, so light can easely reach any corner of the appartment, whether it is bathroom, walk-in closet or hallway. Bright colors as a bonus))

This apartment was planed for a young couple for the next three years till they got kids. So on the one hand there wasn’t a huge budget for construction there, on the other- interesting bold ideas for decoration was very welcome.

Ha! This is the funny story. Our client come to our first meeting with a colorful scarf and said ” I wanna interior with this color palette!” So we did! And hanging on the walls photos of the Scarf are one of the interior decorations we used

It was pretty tight collaboration with the clients. They were open to our decorative proposals (like giant fur print on the wall), and we tried to embrace and adapt their ideas according to budget and space limitations (like horse in the hallway: okay, guys, lets keep just head:))

  • Interior Designer: ST-buro

Posted by Evgeniya Tchokogoue

Small interior design buro based in Moscow,Russia

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