The CHERVONY APPARTMENT project is a modern, comfortable, cozy interior in which the classic cornice with accessories in ethnic style, old and new, black and white perfectly coexist … as well as color and monochrome.

This project was created for a young, modern family that keeps pace with the times and values ​​comfort, coziness and style.

Here every element is important, all and at the same time nothing … Harmony of chaos ?

Here everything is natural and functional, but, at the same time, it is simple and understandable.

Every detail in this interior collects it into one big good soul ? CHERVONY APPARTMENT- is both a “dwelling” and an “apartment” at the same time.

The colors, materials and textures of this project are a reflection of the modernity of Ukrainian life. People strive for development, they work hard, just like to rest, lead an active lifestyle. Bright colors and accents add energy to their being.

And red, black and white are very symbolic colors for Ukrainian culture. Therefore it is worth mentioning that colors in this interior are a reference to ethnic motives.

People react very kindly to this project. They study it with interest. It is full of details and interesting in style – therefore this project is given much attention.

The interior is full of detail, there is not enough time to describe everything. I will add only that I would be glad if you took the time to consider it and fall in love in ukrainian design.

Thank you for attention!

  • Architect: Alesya Kasianenko

Posted by Alesya Kasianenko

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