You would be pleasantly surprised, but this one room flat has a total area of 41 square meters. This cozy studio has everything – beautiful modern design, functionality and welcoming atmosphere. At the same time everyone will be able to find enough quiet corners to take a rest after crazy rhythm of modern city.

A young professionals asked us to create an interior “that was equally fun, functional and unique”.
They are ambitious and work hard to make their careers. After hard work in their clinic in the centre of a big city (both of them are doctors) they need some private place to rest and spend time together.
As they can’t afford big flat we had to accommodate everything in 41 square meters.

We were trying to balance a bright and open living space with a cozy bedroom tucked away inside a hidden box. Colors and materials were to be warm enough to create relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Inspiration came to us after visiting few modern and fashionable hotels in New York. Idea was to create 5* hotel room for 5* people.

Young couple was very happy when the concept was introduced to them. They are looking forward to enter their new flat in the nearest future. The biggest challenge was to create such a harmony that makes the entire space feel neater, cleaner and more pulled together. When you can see your entire living space in one sweep of the eye, having colors that all work together.

  • Interior Designer: Oksana Fedoruk

Posted by Petro Fedoruk

Wertikal Constructions, the Bureau of Architecture and Design, for the last 15 years has been creating spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and latest materials Our team possesses architectural knowledge, project management and creative design skills Being Sustainable designers and constructors, we use strategies to improve energy and water efficiencies and indoor air quality, and use environmentally preferable products

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