To fully exploit the spaces and to shape their residence in Mexico City were the requests shared by the client for the development of this renovation project executed in record time, only three months were necessary to carry out all the modifications that resulted in this home away from home.

All the spaces possible were open to enable entry of light from the marvelous garden surrounding all the apartment. The right balance between the finishes and each of the rooms was sought to achieve large and clean areas. The communication between the interior and exterior was open giving more prominence to the terrace.

A mesh was installed in the entrance hall dividing the areas and leading the way towards the main room. The columns were covered in iron and wood matching with the covers on some of the perimetral walls. Lighting was changed, not with a new design, but modifications were done to improve the ambient light and creating some atmospheres.

En el vestíbulo se colocó una malla que separa las áreas y marca el camino hacia el salón principal. Las columnas se forraron de fierro y madera haciendo juego con los lambrines que se colocaron sobre algunos de los muros perimetrales. Se cambió la iluminación, no se hizo un nuevo proyecto de iluminación, pero se hizo una adaptación para mejorar la luz ambiental y crear varias escenas.

Project name: Departamento OZ
Project: López Duplan Arquitectos
Claudia López Duplan
Category: Residential
Location: Ciudad de Mexico
Year: 2021
Photography: Héctor Armando Herrera
Area: 300 s qm

  • Interior Designer: López Duplan Arquitectos

Posted by Claudia López

In architecture spaces must communicate with the people who live them and transmit their lifestyle. Each project is a commitment to both interior and exterior that generates a language through all the elements that shape it. The result is an atmosphere that is present in an intimate communication between the architect and his client. Architect Claudia Lopez Duplan, has more than 20 years of experience in the development of residential, corporate and commercial projects. Her unique sensitivity and style have positioned her in the interior design scene; and she has specialized in residential renovation that gives the spaces a new identity. In her projects lighting plays an important role and the use of indirect light, combined with variation of intensity, creates different atmospheres required for each space. Keeping the original architecture is one of the challenges faced in each project, besides the integration of all elements giving that result in a whole new image.

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