This project seeks the integration of rustic and contemporary elements to create comfort in the home.

The concept was inspired by a contemporary industrial style, materials such as wood and steel are used which enhance the scene.

A pleasant integration of all the elements is sought so that they form a pleasant television area for the user.

Location: Orlando, Fl

A need was generated to adapt the television space, where the wall board was used as the initial material to be installed. It was designed for a client who was looking to improve his home but who did not have the knowledge to do it, therefore he sought my advice.

The inspiration came first from the client’s need and that he already had an important material to be used (wall) with a rustic style, therefore I was inspired by industrial materials to complement and combine all the elements.

Subsequently, an important focal point was generated, which in this case would be the television, and that is why I sought to frame it by means of a piece of furniture that provides horizontality and a vertical shelf to delimit the space.

It was a wise decision, where the client was satisfied with the proposed idea, no matter how small a project is, you will always learn something and that is what we are looking for as designers.

First you must look for the client’s needs and see how it should be addressed, study their tastes a bit to be able to give an adequate proposal, thus avoiding many corrections and generating a feasible project.

  • Interior Designer: Johana R, Rodríguez Z

Posted by Johana Rodriguez

I am a student of the 7th semester of Architecture. I specialize in 3D surveying, digitization and architectural rendering

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