When starting a project to establish a coffee shop, such projects depend on attracting the public to the place and providing the psychological comfort imposed by the interior and exterior decoration of the place, the decoration is the most important factor in these projects and the coffee shop needs to choose a decor very carefully, in order to attract visitors and draw their attention.
Often times the owner of the coffee shop may make mistakes that may lead to a major failure in his project, so we should pay attention to it in every step we make, so every step must be calculated and properly planned, and care must be taken when choosing decoration design companies for the coffee shop, and Pro Design is a decorative design company in Riyadh that provides You have wonderful and imaginative designs with the best coffee shop decorations, depending on the correct foundations for exterior and interior design and creativity in them, to ensure you an attractive and charming design for customers’ eyes.

– Choosing a place that is vital to the area in which it is located ensures that the public movement is stimulated and that it is easily accessible. The area of ​​the coffee shop must be wide and large, and the coffee shop is divided into three sections: a section for smokers, a section for non-smokers, a section for entertainment, and the place has a wonderful and wide interface, and it is preferable that there is a free space or a piece of land space in front of the coffee shop so that this space is taken advantage of in viewing Games where the number is large in the big matches needs a large open space so that no one suffocates from the crowd.

2- Departing from the norm in architectural design that adheres to functional and constructional determinants in interior and exterior decorations and providing something new that attracts the visitor, and moving away from the routine structural designs that have become very familiar, so when designing a coffee shop decor, you must choose the best coffee shop design companies, to give you Innovation and mastery in design.

3- The interface of the coffee shop “exterior design” is the largest part that attracts attention and attracts customers to the place. Therefore, it needs great care, choosing attractive designs and modern decor, and explicitly expressing the elements that it contains, but avoiding choosing the design of an entire facade of glass, as it is It lacks sense and artistic flair, because it is better for the interior decoration to be the one that attracts the attention of visitors. Contemplate the beauty of the place, and in this way the place hangs in the minds of the visitors.

As for the interior decoration or interior design, attention must be paid to the decoration colors, especially when using coffee colors with the help of (green) color, as green is the color that greatly gives peace of mind and belonging, and its presence makes visitors feel that the place is familiar, so they return to it.

Lighting is the main pillar of interior decoration in a coffee shop, and a good choice of 5 – lighting according to the part in it, some parts need bright lighting, and some need dim lighting, but in a coffee shop quiet lighting is often preferred

The circular shape of the coffee shop decor is often suitable for groups, as it gives a sense of containment and privacy, taking into account the interest in outdoor sessions, as it is a large part of the coffee shop decor

  • Architect: Amir Thrwat Dawood
  • Interior Designer: EL-Amir Design

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