Hotels tend to be ethnic minorities in Vietnam. This project is designed in hilly area, using local materials of ethnic people, is a combination of farm and resort. We want to bring closeness to nature in our project. The main color is natural color. The main materials are bamboo and wood, natural stone. The patterns are the patterns of the Hmong people in Vietnam

intends to bring the housing culture of the Northwestern ethnic minorities to everyone, combining with cultivation to create a clean food chain serving customers. it is for everyone who wants to know about Hmong culture. The goal is to have a space that is both close and national

The color tone for mostly projects is one as colors are made and tones can give any time a feeling of closeness to nature.
I used brass, wood and some greenery in the decor to create a similarity between the shades.

people give good reviews about my project, they feel relaxed when they come here. I also learned how to combine natural materials as well as Hmong culture. I hope my project is shared to many people so that everyone knows about the culture of the Hmong people

  • Architect: PHUC NGUYEN



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