It is an elegant, simplified design of a kitchen space with a view of a garden, so in this project, I relied on the use of natural lighting coming from the garden door during the day, with the use of low lights at night in order to show the details.
The kitchen was designed in a rustic style in order to give a sense of warmth, and to take a walk from the coldness of modern designs, but without dispensing with the advantages of modernity, this was done through combining modern technology in electrical appliances and the fragrance of authenticity through the use of copper and wood as a symbol of nature.

The plan for this project was to design a kitchen within a space with a view of the garden, and this view should be used and linked to the interior space.

It was a family of three.

Their goal was to create an overall atmosphere of simple design, warm details

The materials and colors were chosen for the design service. Wood was chosen for the kitchen units and the floor, as well as part of the ceiling, as it is the closest material to nature.
As well as the colors, a bluish green color was used to balance the redness of the wall bricks in order to create a comfortable general atmosphere.

The main inspiration was nature, the abstract beauty of natural materials, and the authenticity of the design.

The most beautiful thing about the project is the response of people to it, as everyone who saw it praised the sense of warmth in the design.

I learned that authenticity is part of us, our thought and our design, and not just lessons in history.

Details matter. They create depth, and depth creates authenticity.

  • Interior Designer: Mohamed Aboelsoud

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