The inspiration at all times for this project was ice cream, all the elements seemed very important to us, their texture, consistency, history and tradition. Working with Dolphy, a brand with well-defined design parameters, we found in their guidelines the way to generate the concept based on their color palette.

Having thoroughly understood the central element of the project, we concentrated on extracting the essence of ice cream to capture it in space in different proposals such as the wavy shapes that resemble its soft texture.

Habiendo entendido a profundidad el elemento central del proyecto nos concentramos en extraer la esencia del helado para plasmarla en el espacio en diferentes propuestas como las formas onduladas que asemejan su suave textura

Pieces of chocolate and fruits that appear while enjoying an ice cream were captured on the terrazzo floor and the stools, maintaining the image in a reinterpretation that pays tribute to the delicious product that is enjoyed there.

Pedazos de chocolate y frutas que aparecen mientras se disfruta de un helado se plasmó en el piso de terrazo y los taburetes, manteniendo la imagen en una reinterpretación que hace homenaje al delicioso producto que ahí se disfruta.

Playing with light was important to make the most of the size of the premises as well as fulfilling the technical and decorative functions to achieve a comprehensive environment in which the operation of the equipment and the entertainment of the clients coexist.

Posted by German Velasco

He studied architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. Once he finished his graduate studies he knew he needed to go deeper into the spaces, because at the university the projects were done to satisfy a function, without achieving the ultimate goal; to create full environments that take into account everything: materials, lighting and furniture, something that has always thrilled him. He then signed up for the Interior Design diploma course at the same university, and that is where he realized that interior design was also his passion. His vast experience in architecture and interior design has led him to thoroughly grow professionally. He has also been fortunate enough to collaborate in important projects such as the Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya, now the Blue Diamond Riviera Maya in Mexico’s Caribbean Coast as a member of architect Gilberto Borja’s team at Baia Group. Years later, as a partner of Muro Rojo Arquitectura, he participated in the development of many outstanding projects that have received important awards such as the Hotel Brick in Mexico City, restaurant Cumpanio in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and Hotel Bö in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, just to mention a few. Today he is the director of his own firm: Germán Velasco Arquitectos, specialized in hotels, restaurants and residential architecture and interior design projects. For Germán and his team, each project is a new challenge in which they rewrite the rules by being: different, proposing and sometimes even irreverent.

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