This 3D project was created with the help of tropic life inspirational photos. The “Dream House” design was planned to stand as closer as possible to nature and radiate calm and breezy feelings. The chosen earthy colors are excellent for creating the relaxing space, combined with the settle blue color of the water.

The plan for this project was to create and replicate a concept for what a dream house would be. As for some people a dream living space would be the one in a busy district area, for others it is more of a secluded and private spot, where you can also be closer to nature and observe everything around you.

The inspiration came from a collection of photographs of tropical and exotic places and homes.
All the materials and colors are chosen with the thought of the feelings they would convey, as the space should bring happiness and ease. Warm and earthy colors are the main used in the visualization.

The concept for the dream house was very well received, as many people seek peaceful and calming spaces to work and relax in. The project thought me that sometimes less is more and simple and minimalist living area often gives you greater experience.

Posted by Iva Nakova

I am an experienced CGI artist with great passion for architecture and art. Through my work I combine those two passions of mine and create high-end architectural visualizations, always trying to achieve the most visually pleasing outcome. Founder of Ace Visual Studio.

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